Zierikzee 1304

Zierikzee 1304 hosted by Jos Lauwers
Holland, Zierikzee 1304. Admiral Grimaldi looked at the slowly southwards lumbering fleet of the French-Dutch Alliance. The silhouettes of the chained Kogge’s looked larger than life, more so because all large woorden decks were taken by Men-At-Arms, Archers and Crossbow Men. The soldiers were not convinced about the idea to fight a land battle on connected ships. Most of them could not swim, and wearing metal amour made swimming academic anyway. The war machine crews cranked the ropes and readied their arrows and fire pots. No guns but large versions of the scorpio’s that had been used by armies for hundreds of years. The Admiral waved at the detachment of Galleys he had taken with him from the Mediterranean. Strangely enough they looked out of place with their sleek warship like lines between the lumbering behemoths of the converted merchant ships. Smaller ships and boats followed the fleet. He aimed his looking glass to the south. The Flemish and their Allies came slowly to the north in a similar fashion as his own fleet. To man it they had stripped the field army before the walls of Zierikzee of soldiers. If the coming battle was won, not only would Zierikzee have been relieved, but also the future of the province of Zeeland would be decided.

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