Black Ops WO2

 Black Ops WO2, hosted by Guy Bowers

Name: Where Eagles Trump

Game: Black Ops (Adapted to World War 2)

Synopsis: It is early September 1944. German intelligence has learnt that a ‘top’ US Officer has details of a new Allied airborne invasion happening in the next few days. Spies have identified the place where the officer is staying as a sleepy French village near the Belgian border, and in easy reach of German forces. The Wehrmacht and SS dispatch their best men to retrieve their ‘man’, if they can make this canary tweet, then maybe they can alter the course of the entire war.

Defending the officer is a bunch of second line allied troops. Choose to play Allied or Axis.

The game will be hosted by Guy Bowers who is very welcoming but regretfully cannot explain the rules in Dutch.

Players: 2 to 4

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