En Garde

Jan-Willem van der Pijl met En Garde

En Garde: The Battle For The Atmosphere Factory!!

By the Whirling Moons of Barsoom! Once more an Evil Mastermind has made a grab for World Domination or Ultimate Destruction and has taken possession of Barsoom’s Atmosphere Factory, where all breathable air of Barsoom is made!

John Carter is taking a short leave at the moment, so only you can save Barsoom! Fly into battle in a mighty airship or ride there on a wild Thoat and free the Atmosphere Factory (and beat the other players to it)!

We play Osprey’s En Garde! adapted for the John Carter universe in 28mm. Two to four players will compete for the race to and the saving of Barsoom’s vital atmosphere factory.

No previous experience with the rules is required.

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