Gaslands (Mad Max achtige game)

Jan Willem van de Langemheem met Gaslands (Mad Max achtige game)

Gaslands. ©

Earth is a burned out shell since the cold war went hot… 4 drivers race for the chance to earn a ticket to Mars and have a future again. The rules of the race are simple. Get across the finish line 1st. Cars,fuel, guns and ammo are provided for by your sponsor. You will finish first or die trying..

This demo gives you a chance to select a car from 1 of 6 sponsored teams. Each with their own strengths and quirks to race against 3 other drivers. Finish 1st! 2nd place don’t count …but even when you are out of the race you you ‘ll get to play the audience and deploy traps ..

A game by Mike Hutchinson. Full rules allow custom build combat vehicles. Everything from a bike to a massive battle rig ,a tank or even a helicopter. Fancy a bus full of firebomb throwing anarchists? You can build it, want to ride the last of the interceptors? Go ahead. Campaign rules allow you to build and develop gangs of all types of roadwarriors Participate February 12 and claim bragging rights. When this game is published by Osprey in the near future you were part of the Beta test. More about this game on

Start your engines, arm your guns … 3… 2…..1…GO!


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