Tin soldiers in action

Tin soldiers in action, hosted by Rudiger Hofrichter

FAIR old school AND ultra fast play rules, which are made for all sizes, shapes or organizations for the true passionate collector of tin soldiers, played on SQUARES!
Guiding principles of TIN SOLDIERS IN ACTION are :

*   simple and harsh
*   clear verdicts
*   direct results
*   high adrenalin level
*   no discussion
*   no measuring
*   no vague situations

Just decisions and a lot of FUN with TIN SOLDIERS IN ACTION!
TIN SOLDIERS IN ACTION is written for all ages from pike and shot to WWI. All with one rule system.

Works perfect for solo games
From skirmishes to large battles with a single rule system.
The only thing which is missing is a Moral System…. The rules work direct on the Courage of the player and not on the miniatures. If you lose heart have you lost the game.
Unique rules which will test YOUR courage:

YOU are commander-in-chief of YOUR tin soldiers, in charge of strategy, seizing the opportunities – every move must be a conscious act.
YOU are directly confronted with the stark consequences YOUR decisions.

Will YOU demonstrate true nerves of steel? Will you lead your tin soldiers to victory? Share in the excitement and thrilling experience of TIN SOLDIERS IN ACTION!

Test Tin Soldiers In Action in the Battle of Hook´s Farm. At poldercoms… fight the famous battle of H.G. Wells in less than an hour!

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