L’Assassino, hosted by Richard Evers


In the renaissance the Medici stood up to seize power. Condottieri roamed the Italian landscape. It was a time of feud and vendettas. What better time and place to set up a skirmish game?

The ruleset is easy and supports fast play. Every round your assassin may perform two actions: move, fight, climb, hide in a building or jump on a local guard… But the guards are on your tail too. The more attention you draw towards you with your actions, the more guards will close in…

The ‘hand of God’ might interfere in your plans too. Draw a card every round and find out what mischief or fortune falls upon you. Maybe you may move a guard away from you or closer to your opponent. You might find a good sword. Or fall of a roof…

En dat op een tafel die op Crisis 2018 de prijs heeft gewonnen voor de mooiste tafel en het ziet er dan ook spectaculair uit!

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