Infinity is een populair SF-skirmish wargame. Het is beslist niet de zoveelste 40k-kloon, het is een subtiel ander spel.

Zie omschrijving door de uitgever, hier. Wikipedia: “Unlike most competitive tabletop miniature wargames, there are several things that a player keeps hidden from their opponent in Infinity, this includes models that do not deploy at the beginning of the game and also certain mission objectives. These are revealed when the models are deployed and when the mission objective has been achieved during the game.

Another important aspect of Infinity is the significance of terrain to provide cover for miniatures, which gives a bonus to their armor statistic and a negative to the opponents rolls to hit. Terrain is also necessary to hamper longer range weapons such as sniper rifles.”

Kleine eliteteams bestrijden elkaar op een manga/cyberpunk-tafel. Verwacht op Poldercon cinematische strijd: een mix van vuurgevechten, martial arts en hacking.

Spelleider: Wieger Prins