Team Yankee is het Flames of War-wargame over de oorlog die gelukkig nooit plaatsvond, WOIII, tussen het Warschaupact en de NATO. In 2020 kun je op Poldercon de Berlijnse muur uit 1985 verdedigen.

De spelontwerper Phil Yates vindt dat het “the range, depth, and complexity of Flames Of War” heeft, maar alles wat overbodig is, heeft hij geschrapt.

Team Yankee draws a lot from Flames Of War, but most definitely isn’t the same game. We approached the design as a new game that made the most of our extensive experience with Flames Of War. Overall, it is very similar, but it also has a large number of differences, so Flames Of War players should approach it as a new game rather than assuming they know how it works. Fortunately, the book is pretty short, so it shouldn’t be hard to learn.

Spelleider: Hans den Dulk