9th Age

9th Age, hosted by Joris van Soest

The Return!

It has been ages since the clans had encountered Greenskins in their homelands, and most of the young thought it was nothing but a bedtime story. During a winter evening only one scout returned from a 5-man patrol. Tattered with fresh blood the scout sank to his knees in the tavern. He mumbled “hurry … arm up …. for they are coming” before he collapsed. The elders sounded the bells to warn the soldiers, who scrambled to the armory. Just in time to meet the Green hordes..

-> Two tables with four Warband armies in total
-> Room for 4 players per session
-> Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age 2.0 Ruleset
-> Rank & File Fantasy Wargming at it’s best

Come try it out 🙂

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