tafel 05a – Blood & Valor

tafel 05a - Blood & Valor


1 mei 2022    
09:00 - 10:30


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Peter Schulein presenteert Blood & Valor, ditmaal: Lily Marlene Crashes the Party!

1917. The trench. All’s Quiet on the Western Front. They Shall not Grow Old. The Rifleman lost his Warhorse. For The Red Baron and the Flyboys its Aces High. For Darling Lily Marlene it’s a Grande Illusion. No Blue Max, but a Farewell to Arms. What Price to Glory at her Journeys End?

Slaag jij erin om Miss Marlene te redden uit haar gecrashte toestel en de grijpgrage handen van je tegenstanders?
28mm Skirmish Wereldoorlog 1 in een spannend spel om The Road to Glory! Na afloop weet je hoe de regels Blood and Valor van Firelock Games werken en waarom 1e Wereldoorlog wel leuk is om te spelen.
Blood & Valor is a skirmish level game set during the conflicts of the Great War. Those of you who are familiar with Firelock Game’s previous game, Blood & Plunder, will feel at home with this game’s mechanics. Players deploy custom forces representing a Nationality, determine a scenario, and layout terrain to recreate one of the historical battlefields of the Great War.




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