tafel 06d – A Billion Suns testtafel

Date(s) - 1 juli 2022
15:45 - 17:15


A Billion Suns is ouderwets Star Wars of Star Trek, massa-ruimteslagen in welk parallel universum dan ook. Tim en Henk presenteren het op Poldercon met hun machtige ruimtevloot met geschilderde battlecruisers. Gaslands in space!

Meeple Overlords recenseerde:

This starship fighting game by Mike Hutchinson, designer of 2017’s Gaslands, was released last month from Osprey Publishing. I saw that this game was miniature agnostic, meaning you could pretty much use anything from models from other games to office supplies as your ships, AND that Hutchinson had posted solo rules on his website, and decided I had to give it a try. With that in mind, please note that I have only played this game solo, though I can extrapolate what the 2-player game might be like.


After two solo plays, I have to say that I really like A Billion Suns. It’s a fast, relatively inexpensive game that’s not too difficult to learn, but still provides a lot of strategic opportunities. It’s not perfect, and it’s not exactly the game I was looking for, but it checks enough boxes to make it more-that-worthwhile. Now, if I can only get Em to play with me…

8/10 victory points.


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