Non Star Trek Space Battles

Non Start Trek Space Battles: Old Friends and New Enemies, hosted by Petra Coret & Hans den Dulk

“Captain Kitty Hawke to High Security Base DT 17. Have recovered the Epigaea Repens. E.T.A. approximately two day cycles. Go ahead and prepare the ‘guestquarters’ ”. The redheaded young captain of the Redneck Salvage towship heaved a big sigh. She would be more than glad to get rid of the cumbersome passengership she was towing as well as the annoying passengers currently aboard her own ship. They were getting a little bit too suspicious. A good thing she had managed to shake off the pursuit of those foul aliens from the PMS as well as those goody two shoes from Rescue United. Only two more days untill she could get a proper hot meal and a nice long shower.

Oh crap! What was that on the long range scanner? Some familiar looking ships coming at her flank fast! Well they were not going to take away her prize.

“Man battlestations! “ she yelled through the ship’s intercom, “We’ve got company…!”

Speel een kapitein van een Salvage Ship op een uitdagende missie. Dit stuk ruimte is nog voorbij de grens! De perfecte kans voor een jonge ondernemer om zijn baas te laten zien dat hij carriere kan maken.

Voor de oudere jongere onder ons: dit is klassiek Non Startrek Space Battles op een kleed van 4 bij 4 meter. Je speelt met ruimteschepen van tot een halve meter lang. Rail guns, shields, tractor beams, hull damage en de scheepskat.

Trek je ruimtepak aan. Jij bent de Kapitein!

4 slots van 4-8 spelers. Ervaring niet vereist. Adem kunnen inhouden strekt tot aanbeveling.

Panic If You Must: In Space No One Hears You Scream!

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