‘Congo’ – Pulp Adventures in Nederlandsch-Indië

Congo (uitgegeven door de uitgever van Saga, Muskets & Tomahawks en Frostgrave 2nd Ed) is a game of adventure with miniatures which takes place in unexplored, fantasized, wild, dangerous and enchanted Africa, as imagined it newspapers at the end of the XIXth centuy.

Eltjo Verweij heeft het vernederlandst – het hart van mystiek Indië is even avontuurlijk als het hart van Livingstone’s Afrika.

At the heart of the game, you will discover the adventures told by Le Bulletin de la Société Géographique. In the course of these, you will cross a great ape protected by a wild tribe, you will try to take back a princess captured by Zanzibaris traffickers, you will cross rivers populated with crocodiles to spread your territory…

Congo is a game telling the stories of this era, featuring White Men Expeditions, caravans of the Zanzibar, forgotten Forest Tribes and mighty African Kingdoms. Mixing different game mechanisms such as action cards or totem cards, that grant special abilities adding unexpected twists and detailed adventures.

Congo presents a new approach th the miniature adventure gaming, blending trilling adventures and a strong and tactical game system. The rulebook of Congo details the rules, the different cultures available to play along with modelling tips.

The book comes with 4 Bulletins de la Société Géographique, that chronicle the 8 scripted adventures of the game, a deck of cards, a dangerous terrain chart, a punchboard with all the tokens and measuring sticks needed fir the game.