tafel 07D - The Drowned Earth


21 mei 2023    
15:45 - 17:15


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Every once in a while, a new game pops into the hobby which makes you go “oooh”. So it is with The Drowned Earth (TDE), The debut skirmish wargame from the UK’s Olmec Games.

Based on the land of Ulaya, TDE takes place several hundred years after “The Event”, a cataclysm which devastated the advanced civilization of the planet. The game mixes familiar post-apocalyptic styles we’ve seen before with… dinosaurs. What’s not to love about that?

Olmec really want you to play this game. So much so, you can get the rulebook for free directly from them as a PDF download. But, of course, there’s a gorgeous, hardback rulebook available which is almost 50% rules and 50% background/ fluff for the world. This might be a new game, but they’ve made some engaging and compelling lore for this world which you won’t want to miss.

It’s worth taking a moment to mention the artwork in the rulebook. Few first editions have the quality and volume of lovely images that you’ll find in TDE’s pages. Featuring six different factions brought to life with 35mm scale, white metal miniatures. There’s a lot going on with TDE, but is it actually any good?


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